Lil Durk – Hear It Back Lyrics

Hear It Back Lyrics Lil Durk (feat. Moneybagg Yo)

(Louie Montana)
(Beezo need cash only, you dig?)

I got my brother’s name in the bio
I remember runnin’ right from a TaH0e
I witnessed n!gga* dyin’, but I ain’t cry though
Forty on me insurance, Geico
b!tches ain’t f*ckin’, she thinkin’ I’m givin’ her money, I told the lil’ b!tch, “Skedaddle”
Me, I’m a real one, you gotta come show me you f*ckin’ before I even pay for the travel
I’m in the Track’ rollin’ up Runtz, ran out of ‘Woods, pass me a grabba
I done seen n!gga* y’all used to look up to back then become my shadow
I got watches cost me a half a ticket, it ain’t got diamonds in it
If you smoke, you can’t sell it, I’ma be real, it’s bad for business
F8 ‘Rari, who sayin’ sorry? That car’s fast, past the limit
Pull up to Magic, I don’t even put on a mask for real, shake ass and titties

I know the owner
I get a call from jail, they locked in the cell for corona
I told ’em give it some time, they’ll let him come home if they willing to get a diploma
I’m still mad what happened to brodie
I told her don’t bring up a n!gga before me
She thinkin’ he lit ’cause he got a lil’ money and a lil’ G-Wagen with a lil’ ass Rollie
I’m too big for that
Why you takin’ my picture while I’m sleep? b!tch, you weird for that
Takin’ care of your kids and you they daddy and you don’t get cheers for that
Take you back for the sh!t you did, but this, you can’t get cured for that
I done seen a n!gga chill with a rat and tell him I could never live with that
I done told a n!gga a thousand times that I love him, I ain’t even it hear it back (Hear it back, hear it back, hear it back)

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In the trap tryna fill up a duffel
My only meal jungle juice and some Ruffles
Half of my profit went straight to the plug, so I had to make that sh!t double (Tax it)
Fast forward, smokin’ ‘bows of truffle (Za)
Big mansion, different b!tches to cuddle (Uh)
Big old dripper, put down a yellow sign ‘fore they slip in the motherf*ckin’ puddle
Ain’t no killer, but n!gga, don’t push me
Breaking news, he got hit with a fully (Frrt)

Really chilly, ice on top of my hoodie (Cool)
Diamonds dancing like a stripper at Tootsie’s (Ooh)
I don’t give a f*ck who hit it first, you was tryin’ sh!t, that don’t mean nothin’ to me (So?)
Told the b!tch, “When I get your body done, ain’t no body count, reset the p*ssy” (Haha)
Don’t expect love from n!gga* no more (Why?)
Get on them drugs and act a lil’ slow (Throwed)
Fake-ass gangster, ain’t uppin’ no score (Ho)
Bet you can’t name one n!gga I owe (Try)
Sip my sins and pain I pour (Cry)
Thought I was stuck, but I was just broke
They choosin’ on us, we don’t show out for H0es (Clown)
If you ain’t gon’ ride, then you gotta roll (Bye)