Yumi Zouma – Where The Light Used To Lay Lyrics

Where The Light Used To Lay Lyrics By Yumi Zouma

I’m getting stuck, and taking a break
Yeah, I’m leaving, baby, I can’t take it
I’ve had enough of more of the same
Maybe you should change the way you’re thinking

It takes consistency
(Oh, to have you stay with me)
But now you’re falling flat, I know I’m better than that
Don’t know what I could do
(Oh, to catch another view)
Nobody’s gonna say that this is worth all the pain

So won’t you give it up
I’m not gonna wait
Start to remember all the st*pid beds that you ever made
Dreaming forever of
Where the light used to lay
And baby, won’t you try to forget the things you said when you went away

I’m on the up, and back in perfume
Am I too much crazy..? Think I could be
I’ve seen enough, don’t you feel consumed?
Cause the way you hate is still perplexing

I’m not an animal
(I’m not your wrecking ball)
It’s not a metaphor, want you to see how I bleed
So drop your camouflage
(Oh, it’s just a dumb facade)
That you keep putting on I’ve got you down on your knees

It’s hard to remember harder to forget
I put a picture of you on the internet
Somewhere in the drama we got left behind
It’s just another bad end to the storyline

Tell me the truth are you coming home
You’re just an underpaid extra that never shows
Just a figment of the plans that I never had
And I hope that the next one won’t be so bad