“You’re a goat, sir” – Leke Adeboye rebukes some RCCG pastors for holding another sermon after Daddy GO preached

Leke Adeboye
Leke Adeboye


Pastor Leke Adeboye has insulted some of the pastors of Redeemed Christian Church of God for their recent mistake.

As you probably know, every first Sunday of the month is Church Thanksgiving Sunday.

Also, every thanksgiving Sunday, all RCCG pastors are expected to hook up to their National Headquarters where the General Overseer, Pastor E. A. Adeboye will deliver a sermon and last Sunday was not an exception.

However, after the G.O spent 30 to 45 minutes delivering his own sermon last Sunday, some pastors in some parishes of the church went ahead to share their own messages.

This angered Pastor Leke Adeboye, the son of Daddy G.O.

Taking to his Instagram page his morning, Leke frowned at such pastors and went on to refer to them as goats.

In his words;

“Why would you go and preach another sermon after, Daddy GO has just finished speaking and preaching. You are not son, you are a goat sir.

Next Thanksgiving service, just do altar call, then Thanksgiving”

After the message went viral, IT was received with mixed reactions.

While some members of the church applauded him for speaking their minds, others queried him for using the word “Goat” on the erring pastors.