youproblem – Growing Pains Lyrics

Growing Pains Lyrics By youproblem

I think I might hate it all
Can’t lift my feet off the floor
Talking to friends is a chore
I think their boyfriends are boring
All our paths might be fraying in different directions
Holding on might be making it harder to change

I thought you could be the one
I gave you half of my whole
I’ve never felt this much hurt
Emotional power surge
It’s not our fault this won’t work out the way I wanted
I gave up, lost some blood, now my visions distorted

Falling out faster than I ever knew
Lost my mind and losing all the company I’m so used to
can I have it the way it was
Totally in denial I
Hate the fact that I’m better off
On my own so if I
Make it out, I’ll be looking back on your name as growing pains

Don’t think that I can find love
I left my soul in your cuffs
Saw you were holding her hand
Surprised that I didn’t care
I know that time’s meant to heal me and every wound
But I don’t hurt in the way that I’m used to

Discover every mistake
I’m forced to try a new face
I don’t know who I can be
When you’re not a part of me
Sometimes I feel like I’m saying too many wrong answers
Yeah I’m cycling backwards
It’s just overreaction