Young Jesus – Ocean

Young Jesus – Ocean
Young Jesus – Ocean


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Last we heard from Los Angeles indie band Young Jesus, they released a surprise EP, Love For A New Century, with proceeds benefitting the abortion rights group Midwest Access Coalition.

Now, John Rossiter & Co. are planning a new album, Shepherd Head, out September 16.

It’s the follow-up to 2020’s Welcome To Conceptual Beach. Along with the news is a lead single, “Ocean,” which features a guest spot from Saddle Creek labelmate Tomberlin.

Describing the songwriting and recording process, which features found sounds, white noise, and various voice memos, Rossiter says: “I would pitch things down an octave and add strange reverb.

If a dog barked, I would isolate it and make it part of a beat.

I recorded a voice singing on the street just walking by a storefront and autotuned it.

Some guitar parts are just mistakes from voice memos that I chopped, stitched, and looped.

I used sounds of rivers, people walking, and friends talking.

It was a lot of fun. I didn’t care about the fidelity of the recording.

Whatever wanted to be in came in.”

Listen Below:

01 “Rose Eater”
02 “Ocean” (Feat. Tomberlin)
03 “Johno”
04 “Shepherd Head”
05 “Gold Line Awe”
06 “Satsuma”
07 “Believer” (Feat. Arswain)
08 “A Lake”