Winners Of BBTitans Week 11 Desperados Task 2023

Winners Of Big Brother Titans Week 11 Desperados Task 2023
Winners Of Big Brother Titans Week 11 Desperados Task 2023



Winners Of BBTitans Week 11 Desperados Task 2023 |  Winner Of Desperados Task This Week In Big Brother Titans 2023 Season 1

The Big Brother Titans 2023 housemates had a Desperados Energy Drink Task in Week 11. The task was sponsored by Desperados Nigeria and it was a promotional task by the Housemates in week eleven, team members were asked to play games for the Desperados Task in the Ziyakhala Wahala season.

For the Desperados Task, the Big Brother Titans “Ziyakhala Wahala” Housemates were asked to work as teams from the Ziyakhala Wahala house in Week 11.

Each team had to work together for the Desperados Task and it had to be in the arena after rehearsal by the housemates in their respective teams.

Head of House Khosi seems to be on a winning streak.

It was a day of wins for the Head of house, Khosi, and the other members of Team A, Ebubu, and Tsatsii. The trio scored 170 points after playing four challenges during the Desperados task.

The task required the housemates to split into two teams of three which they selected by picking a card from a box. Team A (Ebubu, Khosi, and Tsatsii) and Team B (Ipeleng, Yvonne, and Kanaga Jnr) were the teams.

Each team member had to play their part in ensuring they won all four challenges, and the team with the highest points in all rounds won.

The first challenge was a fun and easy game called the “Pull and Spill” challenge; it required the housemates to pull and roll toilet paper without spilling the cup of water.

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The second and third games, “Flic Tac Toe” and ” Despe Road Trucker,” were entertaining and challenging but not as tasking as the final challenge.

Tsatsii, with the help of Ebubu, was able to build a pyramid using cups perfectly. She made it with so much speed and precision that Biggie even questioned if she was an Egyptian in her past life.

Once Biggie announced their win, it was met with excitement and mixed reactions as Team B also had their eyes on winning the task.

Desperados Task In Week 11 Of Big Brother Titans 2023

Team A

  1. Ebubu
  2. Khosi
  3. Tsatsii

Team B

  1. Ipeleng
  2. Yvonne
  3. Kanaga Jnr

Who Won The Desperados Task This Week In BBTitan 2023?

Congratulations To (Team A) Ebubu, Khosi, and Tsatsii As They Emerged The Winners Of The BBTitans Desperados Task In Week 11, On The 28th Of March 2023.

The housemates had a game session based on Desperados by team members and Biggie was the umpire during the Desperados Task presentation.

The Big Brother Titans’ housemates were called to the arena by Biggie for the task as the arena was set up by the task sponsor, Desperados Nigeria.

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