Winners Of BBTitans Week 11 Bamboo Task 2023

Winners Of Big Brother Titans Week 11 Bamboo Task 2023
Winners Of Big Brother Titans Week 11 Bamboo Task 2023



Winners Of BBTitans Week 11 Bamboo Task 2023 |  Winner Of Bamboo Task This Week In Big Brother Titans 2023 Season 1

The Big Brother Titans 2023 housemates had a Bamboo Energy Drink Task in Week 11. The task was sponsored by Bamboo Nigeria and it was a promotional task by the Housemates in week eleven, team members were asked to play games for the Bamboo Task in the Ziyakhala Wahala season.

For the Bamboo Task, the Big Brother Titans “Ziyakhala Wahala” Housemates were asked to work as teams from the Ziyakhala Wahala house in Week 11.

Each team had to work together for the Bamboo Task and it had to be in the arena after rehearsal by the housemates in their respective teams.

Team Stocks was named the winner and claimed the bragging rights for the night.

The Big Brother Titans’ housemates had to think strategically after they received their Bamboo task. The teams were divided into Team Stocks and Team Sell ETFs. Khosi, Ebubu, and Yvonne made up Team Stocks while Ipeleng, Tsatsii, and Kanaga Jnr made Team Sell ETFs.

The task was all about smart financial decisions, stock trading, and investments. It was split into three rounds where rounds one and two were all about earning coins.

Biggie added a twist in round three: instead of earning the money, the housemates had to give back by re-investing, paying tax, and rent.

Bamboo Task In Week 11 Of Big Brother Titans 2023

Team Stocks 

  1. Khosi
  2. Ebubu
  3. Yvonne

Team Sell ETFs

  1. Ipeleng
  2. Tsatsii
  3. Kanaga Jnr
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Who Won The Bamboo Task This Week In BBTitan 2023?

Congratulations To (Team Stocks) Ebubu, Khosi, and Yvonne As They Emerged The Winners Of The BBTitans Bamboo Task In Week 11, On The 29th Of March 2023.

The housemates had a game session based on Bamboo by team members and Biggie was the umpire during the Bamboo Task presentation.

The Big Brother Titans’ housemates were called to the arena by Biggie for the task as the arena was set up by the task sponsor, Bamboo Nigeria.

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