Winners Of BBTitans Week 10 Pepsi Task 2023

Winners Of Big Brother Titans Week 10 Pepsi Task 2023
Winners Of Big Brother Titans Week 10 Pepsi Task 2023



Winners Of BBTitans Week 10 Pepsi Task 2023 |  Winner Of Pepsi Task This Week In Big Brother Titans 2023 Season 1

The Big Brother Titans 2023 housemates had a Pepsi Energy Drink Task in Week 10. The task was sponsored by Pepsi Nigeria and it was a promotional task by the Housemates in week ten, team members were asked to play games for the Pepsi Task in the Ziyakhala Wahala season.

For the Pepsi Task, the Big Brother Titans “Ziyakhala Wahala” Housemates were asked to work as teams from the Ziyakhala Wahala house in Week 10.

Each team had to work together for the Pepsi Task and it had to be in the arena after rehearsal by the housemates in their respective teams.

After splitting up into teams as paired housemates, they went their separate ways to get prepared for the task presentation.

Pepsi Task in Week 10 of Big Brother Titans 2023

The housemates struggled with their lyrics, pitch, pronunciation, and performance anxiety in the Pepsi task.

Blaqboi and Yvonne got a win today as they emerged victorious in the Pepsi music and fiesta task. The task was divided into two challenges, the first being a performance of songs from Pepsi ambassadors while the second challenge involved the housemates showing off their football skills.

The task began with the housemates rehearsing for their time on the big stage and, boy, were we “amazed” to hear the housemates belting out questionable tunes in unknown musical keys. They also tried to make sure they got their lyrics right and their movements in sync. The housemates were divided into four teams: Team Arya, Team Burna, Team Rema, and Team Tiwa.

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Blaqboi and Yvonne (Team Burna) were first to perform, followed by Ipeleng and Kanaga Jnr (Team Arya), Tsatsii and Justin (Team Tiwa), and Ebubu and Khosi (Team Rema). We hope the artists do not throw a fit when they hear how their songs were performed by the housemates – the pinncale of musical talent, it was not.

Team Burna: They performed ‘On The Low’, but we were concerned as Yvonne’s low notes struggled to find their way into the key of the song. She made up for this by being the only performer not to forget the lyrics and gave us amazing dance moves alongside her partner, Blaqboi.

Team Arya: Ipeleng was able to stay in tune while performing, but she forgot her lyrics to the point that her performance resembled an ad-lib session at an open mic.

Her partner, Kanaga Jnr danced in the background and supported her with a few lyrics at the same time.

Team Tiwa: Team Tiwa had three members; Justin, Thabang, and Tsatsii. According to Biggie’s rule, any team with three members would have two performing in the music challenge while the third would show off their football skills. Tsatsii and Justin took the first half of the challenge, and Tsatsii certainly was giving as a background dancer. While Justin sang Tiwa’s ‘Somebody Son’, Tsatsii gave dance moves that would give Beyoncé a run for her money.

Team Rema: Ebubu, fortunately, can hit a note to save his life, but the lyrics messed him up. Like Ipeleng, he had to ad-lib his way through the performance of Rema’s song, ‘Bounce’

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The housemates who did not sing put their football tricks on the front burner during the second challenge. Khosi stood out as she showed great promise at being the first amapiano footballer. Blaqboi, Kanaga Jnr, and Thabang also did amazing football tricks in this part of the task.

Blaqboi and Yvonne (Team Burner) were announced as the winner having performed the best in both challenges.

It was a day of beautiful off-the-key singing, but we give the housemates their flowers for putting in their best and giving us good entertainment.

Who Won The Pepsi Task This Week In BBTitan 2023?

Congratulations To (Team Burna) Blaqboi and Yvonne As They Emerged as The Winners Of The BBTitans Pepsi Task In Week 10, On The 22nd Of March 2023.

The housemates had a game session based on Pepsi by team members and Biggie was the umpire during the Pepsi Task presentation.

The Big Brother Titans’ housemates were called to the arena by Biggie for the task as the arena was set up by the task sponsor, Pepsi Nigeria.

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