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Slow Windows 11 speed? Good news on how to fix it

Slow Windows 11 is very annoying but how can you get rid of Windows 11 lag? The answer is simple, wait a little longer! Yes, all you have to do is wait. Why? Windows 11 users can look forward to even better news as the Windows development team has indicated that they will be focusing on performance for next year, 2022.

This comes after a Reddit user asked, “It seems to me that every classic UI element that has been replaced with the UWP XAML version in Windows 10 is slowing down. This trend continues in Windows 11 and appears to be the only feature of this new XAML. Is this a high priority matter?”

This time the Windows community team replied to a Reddit user: “..since we want to concentrate some of our UX framework time on Perf in 2022, we’ve also recently formed a dedicated team that tackles this topic at -complete So there’s a lot we need to do. do it together here to make sure we have a good history of perfectionism.” This means that performance will be the main focus for Windows 11 in 2022.

Problem? Windows 11 has a solution too!
Meantime, Windows 11 users are reporting blue screen of death (BSOD) errors and Microsoft Installer errors. The Windows 11 team came up with a solution and suggested that users update their drivers for the BSOD issue and reinstall or update some of the apps that were bothering them during the installation. Windows 11 recently released Build 2200348 (KB5007262) for Windows Insiders in beta and released a preview channel containing all the improvements mentioned above, as well as workarounds for installation errors.

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Nevertheless, there are many problems, because even these adjustments tend to cause other problems. So currently nothing is considered a permanent bug fix. But Windows 11 users find it difficult and hope Microsoft can solve their problem too soon for good.