Why You Should Remove 7 Android Apps On Phone Google Banned For Fear Of Joker



  • Remove 7 Android Apps On Phone Google Banned For Fear Of Joker

Users should be aware of 7 Android apps that can launch joker Trojan attacks which have been banned by Google. checklist
In a major development, up to 7 Google Android apps have been banned from the Play Store. This step ensures that no one downloads it now. However, many people have downloaded it and need to act fast and disable this app from their phones or risk getting a joker Trojan attack.

This is what Android users need to pay attention to. Given the Joker Trojan malware, it contains, Google has removed these 7 apps from the Play Store. This comes after Tatiana Shishkova, a malware analyst at security firm Kaspersky, discovered that the app was infected with the Joker Trojan.

These Android apps can compromise the security of your phone and sign you up for expensive subscription services without your knowledge. Until you realize that you have lost a lot of money.
The Joker malware was first discovered in 2019 and has become a common choice for cybercriminals to hack Android users’ phones and steal money through subscription channels.

Even this malicious malware is difficult to detect by Google’s security system unless an Android user sees something wrong and cancels an unsolicited and unsubscribed subscription.

Recently banned apps include the EmojiOne keyboard and Now QRcode Scan with more than 50,000 and 10,000 installs, respectively. The Google Play Store has removed this app, but that doesn’t mean that this Android app still can’t harm your device or sign up for a fake subscription service that doesn’t interest you. If you miss any warnings about this app, please pay attention and uninstall it immediately.

Android apps you require to delete

  • Now scanning QRcode
  • EmojiOne Keyboard
  • Battery Charging Animation Battery Background Image
  • Amazing keyboard
  • Volume booster Stronger volume equalizer
  • Superhero effects
  • Classic keyboard with emojis

How to Bypass Downloading the Trojan Joker Malware Application from the Google Play Store

  1. If there is any app on your phone that has not been used for 6 months, do a spring clean and delete it immediately.
  2. You can also subscribe to an antivirus service to protect your device from malware attacks. Some of the services provided by cybersecurity antivirus applications can be Avast, Malwarebytes Premium, and AVG.
  3. The best way to keep your device safe from malware is to avoid downloading apps from unknown developers and apps with less downloads and ratings. As the saying goes: “Prevention is better than cure”.
  4. Do not download applications that contain spelling and grammatical errors in their statements. You should check the app and its website for common language errors.
  5.  If you find an app on your phone that you haven’t downloaded, delete it immediately.