Why WhatsApp and Instagram services went down again

WhatsApp and Instagram



WhatsApp and Instagram services went down again

Instagram and WhatsApp crashed again. In the late evening of November 19th, both Meta social media platforms were inaccessible to many people around the world. Between 10 p.m. and 11:30 p.m., a large number of complaints have occurred at the lower detectors.

The annoyance was removed after a period of 1.5 hours and both services are now working normally.

The outage reportedly affected nearly 4,000 people worldwide and affected all meta-services. In addition to Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook users are also experiencing problems, although the problems on these platforms are not as severe as on Instagram. Meta and Instagram did not reveal the reason for this annoyance.

Some users turned to Twitter to report problems. “One more day of meta-break. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp OFF. #GetItTogetherMark,” wrote one user. “Instagram keeps falling,” wrote another.

While this glitch only affected a few users worldwide for a short period of time, it was nothing compared to the notorious 7-hour crash that all meta-services experienced a month ago. Due to technical issues with Meta, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and all Meta services will not work for 7 hours.

Shortly after this mega-hiatus, Mark Zuckerberg announced the company’s rebranding from Facebook to Meta and revealed his plans to expand the meta-universe of Facebook’s services to consumers. The metaverse trend is quickly catching up with other companies, including Microsoft, which is introducing the service metaverse into their business suite.

And as part of a simplification, Instagram’s Metas recently announced that they will be shutting down the Threads app on Android and iOS.

Threads were redesigned in 2019 to take over Snapchat, allowing users to post stories and chat with their friends on Instagram from the app without opening the main app. This app makes it easy to quickly publish stories and send them to selected friends. However, it was not well received by Insta users.