Why most of my colleagues are in debt — BBNTitans’ Jenni O Spills Out

Jenni O and Mmeli
Jenni O and Mmeli



Reality TV star, Jenni O has explained how most of her colleagues are in debt trying to live the unrealistic expectations their fans have set out for them. Jenni criticized the act of constant photoshoots, fake edited photos, etc.

She wrote:

Nigerian influencing consists of fake ass life. Everything is so fake. Post a real picture it’s an issue. Can’t dress a certain way outside because you don’t want to appear somehow

Some of your faves are in debt trying to keep up with these high ass expectations you all have put for them. Nothing is real.

It’s only in Lagos, I knew you could rent anything to look a certain way

Being an influencer…it’s being able to influence everyday people. I’m annoyed.

Every day people are not doing photoshoots every second, everyday people are not wearing full bears to the gym, everyday people are not overdressing to the grocery store….I don’t know what kind of unrealistic expectations you all set