When will Kina premiere its first season 2022?



The story narrates the journey of an abandoned girl seeking justice for the murder of the man she thinks is her father… while slowly falling under the dangerous spell of the woman she doesn’t yet know is her mother.

A classic excellently told David and Goliath story that also explores how the poor glaringly take on the rich, and the discrepancy between the haves versus the have-nots. But at its heart, it is the tragic story of a mother and a daughter who couldn’t be more opposite than they already are.

“Maisha Magic East is committed to giving the best in local storytelling, and we pride ourselves in providing authentic content that allows viewers to see themselves reflected on screen,” says Margaret Mathore, Channel Head.

Kina will premiere its first season on Maisha Magic East on Monday 11 April at 8.30 pm, occupying the primetime slot every Monday to Friday.

“Beyond that, we are proud to be in a position where we are able to continue nourishing our local entertainment industry, providing creative minds and performers with a massive platform for their projects, and enriching the industry economically,” concludes Mathore.

As a leading local channel, Maisha Magic East is one of our proud homes of local storytelling that always cater to the tastes and interests of its diverse audience, and this latest addition is sure to please enthusiasts of content that promise drama and intrigue.

Follow the story of an abandoned girl who sets out on a mission to avenge her murdered father. But everything is not what it seems and she soon discovers her father was not who she thought he was. She must battle many challenges on her mission, and overcome a dangerous spell placed on her by a strange woman, who is more significant than she may think.

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Kina S1 premiers on Monday11 April at 20:00 CAT on Maisha Magic East, DStv Channel 158