WhatsApp updates new feature for Android users


The new functions in WhatsApp update for Android

A new WhatsApp update for Android users is in the works and is expected to be rolled out to users. It is designed to make you respond. WhatsApp strives to make the app more attractive and user-friendly.

According to the latest information, WhatsApp is informing about a new update for Android users in the beta channel. WhatsApp’s notification response capabilities for its Android app are in the works, according to an ANI report. As the name suggests, the update allows users to reply to WhatsApp messages, just as they would react to Facebook posts and comments.

According to the report, a source revealed that the message reply notification feature “will be released in a future update.” In addition, it is not yet clear when the feature will be introduced to all users. It should be noted, however, that WhatsApp has recently released several updates for its Android users. The company recently introduced end-to-end chat archiving for Android-based app users.

The end-to-end chat backup feature provides backup chats on Google Drive using end-to-end encryption techniques. WhatsApp has also introduced flash calling and message-level reporting capabilities for its Android users.

With the Flash Calls feature, new Android users who choose WhatsApp or users who reinstall WhatsApp on Android phones have the option to verify their phone number by calling them automatically instead of relying on SMS messages.

Exit the confirmation code. As a result, as users receive calls from WhatsApp to verify their phone number, this helps reduce the number of scams and keeps them safe.

When switching to the reporting level, this feature allows users to report WhatsApp accounts by flagging certain messages. To do this, the user must press the specified long message to report or block the user.

WhatsApp is continually making changes and updates to make the program safer for its users. If you’re an Android user, you can update the app to see the latest company updates and see how useful they are to you.