New WhatsApp PC Beta App Gets New Privacy Settings

New WhatsApp PC Beta App gets New Privacy Settings

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WhatsApp PC Beta App arranges New Privacy Settings

WhatsApp newly published a new beta program for its desktop-based app. and since then, the Meta messaging app has been trying to introduce new functionality to the platform. And now the report details what WhatsApp has to offer for its desktop-based app.

Individuals who have used the WhatsApp desktop-based beta app will notice that the app has no privacy settings. This means that users of the desktop beta version of WhatsApp cannot control the app’s settings via the desktop app and – even in multi-device mode – will have to contact their smartphone to make changes to the app’s interface. WABetaInfo has now announced that WhatsApp is introducing privacy settings in its desktop-based beta app with the latest beta update for its messaging app.

Apart from that, WhatsApp users can also control read receipts at the touch of a button, manage blocked contacts, and access group settings after downloading the latest beta version of the app on their smartphones. In the same screenshot, WhatsApp also reminds its users that calls and messages sent by the WhatsApp desktop app are protected by the company’s end-to-end encryption technology and that users can use WhatsApp on up to four devices simultaneously. beta application of WhatsApp based on desktop computers.

In particular, these new data protection settings are only available to select beta users. “If these privacy settings are not available for your WhatsApp account, it means they will be entered for your account at a later date,” the blog site says.

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Apart from that, WhatsApp has also released a WhatsApp beta update for Android This update brings reply notification settings to the beta-based WhatsApp app for Android. The messaging app is already working on a similar feature for their iOS-based app.

With this update, Android users can control whether they want to see reactions to messages they send to other WhatsApp users. This setting works in tandem with another feature called Message Reply, which allows users to send emoji responses to a message, such as a message shared on Instagram or Facebook Messenger.