WhatsApp May Lift The "Delete For All" Time Limit In The Next Build.
WhatsApp may lift the “Delete for All” time limit in the next build.

WhatsApp may update the Delete for All feature to work indefinitely, according to a spokesperson for the feature. This is how this feature might work in the next build.

Four years after it first launched the Delete for All feature, which allowed users to recall messages on both sides of a chat when a message was deleted, WhatsApp is reportedly working to lift the time limit, allowing users to delete messages for longer. than previously permitted. on the service.

However, the message is three months ago, and the date is 23 August in the chat behind it. This is well above the current time limit set by WhatsApp when using the “Delete for All” feature.

Currently, WhatsApp allows users to delete messages for all recipients in a conversation within 4096 seconds (or 68 minutes and 16 seconds) after the message is sent. This timer was increased after the feature was released in 2017, with the ability to delete messages within 8 minutes after they were sent. However, the leak suggests that the timer could be removed entirely in a future update.

If WhatsApp lifts the “Delete for All” time limit, it won’t be the first service to do so. Telegram and Instagram allow users to delete old messages from the app without any time limit.

“What we can confirm is that at the current stage of development, you can delete the message for everyone without time limits,” notes WABetaInfo. However, as noted by WABetaInfo, this feature may receive further changes along the way, and users should wait for confirmation if and when this feature appears in a future build of WhatsApp.