Things WhatsApp Delta Allows You To Modify And A Lot More

Things WhatsApp Delta allows you to modify and a lot more

WhatsApp Delta



Things WhatsApp Delta enables you to change and a lot more

WhatsApp Delta is everything you could ever want, WhatsApp and then a little more. While the standard app is mostly limited to the basic use of text messaging and entertainment, the modified Delta version brings some special features and functions. From changing the user interface to sending large files, this version of Delta has a lot to offer, but you shouldn’t download it.

Yes, it sounds sad that you are advised not to download a theoretically better version of the app than the original. However, there are several reasons regarding the security of your device data. There is no point in trying the app for its new features and ultimately compromising your privacy.

What is Delta WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Delta is basically a modified version of the regular WhatsApp app that you and I use. The idea behind this modified version is to provide a better messaging experience with new and improved features. WhatsApp Delta is developed by Deltalabs Studios and can be downloaded from third-party app repositories.

WhatsApp Delta allows you to customize your WhatsApp experience. You can change the accent color from plain green, change the user interface, apply custom fonts, and much more. The mod also has features like auto-answer, third party video player, call blocking, hide online status, hide write status, do not disturb, and many more.

Delta mode also allows users to send high-resolution photos, large photos, and videos and even extend the duration of the status. However, the biggest feature of this mod is the ability to edit messages that have been sent.

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Do I need WhatsApp Delta?

WhatsApp itself requires users not to use a modified version of WhatsApp because it is illegal to use and download it. In fact, those who use this modified version can face account locking, both name, and phone number.

Also, this app is not officially available on Google Play. Downloading apps from third-party sources remains your only option, which will expose your phone to malicious software. Therefore, it is recommended not to try this modified version in order to protect the privacy and security of your data.