Wednesday – Bull Believer Lyrics

Wednesday – Bull Believer Lyrics

Got ‘im right between the shoulders
And the bull loses blood
No fight left to give
Can’t pull his head up

Comfort fools us into faith
then fate pulls us away again
a corpse with a spirit
got out of my bed today

Bottles call you from their
seats on the choir riser
laid on my back in the
tepid bath tub water

The ache of the wind on the windows
The blood under the bridge
and the stadium crowd
charges the bull

Wind changed pitch as the bridge went by
the lightning comes up from the ground and goes up to the sky
Poured one out for all my guys
The tiny monuments get propped up on the roadside

Believe me, believer

Passed out on a couch at a New Years party
I sat on the stairs with a never ending nosebleed
You were playing Mortal Kombat
God, make me good but not quite yet

Believe me, Believer
Finish him