Vyno Voting Percentage In Week 4 Of BBMzansi 2022
Vyno Voting Percentage in Week 4
Vyno Voting Percentage in Week 4


BBMzansi 2022 Vyno Voting Percentage in Week 4

Below is the voting percentage for Vyno in week 4 of the Big Brother Mzansi 2022 reality TV show if you’ve voted during the week for Vyno you need to stay connected on this website for the official release of the result.

All 7 housemates were having a moment of rethink and quietness waiting for the announcement of evicted housemates in the BBMzansi 2022 show by Lawrence.

Voting Result/Percentage for Vyno in Big Brother Mzansi 2022 Week 4

Week 4 Vote Result In BBMzansi 2022
Week 4 Vote Result In BBMzansi 2022

Recall that Vyno says he is a lot like the music he creates – sometimes chilled, sometimes wild, and he can often be a little nerdy. He spends most of his time on the road between performances, but he says he can be just as comfortable tucked away in a studio, producing music.

Regarding his being selected for Big Brother Mzansi, Vyno says he can’t wait to get inside, and that he has something of an advantage. “I already live in a big house with a bunch of other artists – it’s like the Big Brother House.” His strategy for winning the competition is to keep introducing new twists by being the guy that’s always smiling and laughing but causing a bit of chaos behind closed doors.

He claims to be a good listener, but sometimes people take advantage of his nature. “I can be too nice.” He also says that he can be “surprisingly funny” when he’s comfortable, and that he is “actually very smart”.

In his non-Big Brother life, he likes to write, go quad-biking and spend time in the studio – “making music is my life”

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However, B.U and Zino have been evicted from the show by Lawrence Maleka in week four (4) of the Big Brother Mzansi reality live show on Sunday 20th of February 2022.