Vince Staples – THE BEACH Lyrics

THE BEACH Lyrics By Vince Staples

Oh, yeah, everybody killa
Tryna make it to the top, we can’t take everybody with us
We can’t get everybody rich, we can’t f*ck everybody b!tch
‘Cause I’m afraid to catch a case, I feel like everybody snitch
And Coast West in the shivers, I be havin’ premonitions

Growin’ up, ain’t had no license, let’s just have to check the engine
‘Less we have to spot the weak, show somebody that we miss ’em
I will park it, nigga sh!t, face got dark and niggas quick, huh
Tell me where you from, I ain’t heard of that
In the city, baby, your fresh rap can be a murder rap

I will let you hold it, b!tch, you gotta bring my burner back
One up in the top, I get to drop, you know I’m surfin’ that
Send ’em up to heaven gates, now it’s mom that’s sellin’ plates
Now it’s homies watchin’ cards, ’cause they all here actin’ hard
Please, don’t try to get involved ‘less you on the public
‘Cause my gangsters really movin’, ho, don’t cut ’em, niggas shootin’, wait