Urias – R.I.P. Lyrics

[Urias – R.I.P. Lyrics]

I wanna see u go like this
Hard like this, fast like this

I wanna see u go like this
Hard like this, fast like this

Ha ha ha
I killed the b!tch
She never thought
I’d switch the b!tch
And when she thinks she is on top
I go and build another b!tch

And that is just the way it is
Been changing H0es since I was six
And if you think you know me
I will make the b!tch go rest in peace

Thats how it works fam
See you later
Been killing one by one and this is mi manera
En mi cielo soy la estrella
And when you see im flying high high high (lets get it)

Got an eye in the back of my head that shows me where to go (go)
Got a voice on the back of my ear that tells me what to show (show)
Guess you’ll never know (know)
You’ll never get this close (close)
It might be too much
So imma have to take it slow

(imma slow a little bit for you darling)

Yo se
Esto es mucho más que solamente ser bonita (no sou solo guapa papi)
Que para ser una chica muy rica
Yo tengo todo lo que necessita

Yo se
Compreende? Tu get it?
So dame mis credita
Es como es dito en la medicina (that’s what doctor said)
Ser guapa es como una terapia

Hola que tal?
Ask how I like
I say all natural

Thats how I ride
Dura punchline
Dead or alive
Explain her mind

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Hahaha can you explain it to me?
I dare you make it make sense for me
Can you explain to me? (I don’t quite understand)
Can you explain it to me?