Unknown T – JUST LANDED (Freestyle pt. I) Lyrics

[Unknown T – JUST LANDED (Freestyle pt. I) Lyrics]


I’m back on my strip and a pack just landed
‘Bout to free all of the mandem
Cause up tantrums, any vio’s on a random
The wap’s too hot, the machine got abandoned
f*ck it, there ain’t love in the industry
Now man’s in the streets with my gang’nem
Party with opps, we’ll pull up and b*ng them
You can’t take this for ransom (Baow)
Took the X10 airborne, blud
Leave the next skeng pump, look big like the phantom
Touch on the platinum

Man love to talk, we attack them
Make the whole strip light up, like a lantern
Put the device right under the car, then wе track them
Mission complete, thеn we stack them
She wanna f*ck with a mad man
This badeen holds keys for the mandem
Bro sleepin’ in pens for a C2M
We don’t know who that slappin’
The jakes conspire on us ‘cah we bust couple mad tings
Prosecutions on a sad ting, no further action

Step with arms broad day, no cappin’
I got looners with heart that will back heads, smack it
Grip the .32’s on a random, anyone dare cause a tantrum
What’s happening?
Heard there’s inhouse them sides, everyone’s rattlin’
Need all types of grub, more goons on this crap ting
Rap cling, daytime, touch shells, pack sling
The machine’s off safety, we made a wap spin
When it’s past nine, all you hear is back pings

Late night, should’ve been in the stu’
But I hate opps too, they’re distractin’
Got the fame, got girl from Toronto tapped in
FaceTime, please, my homegirl’s actin’
First class, she loves travellin’
s*xy west ting, got a weave and lashes
It’s a shame, ‘cah we love teeth and mashes
So you gotta keep me attracted
Tables turn, this beef I manage
You can’t leave, I’m a savage

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