$UICIDEBOY$ – 1000 Blunts Lyrics

1000 Blunts Lyrics By $UICIDEBOY$

Yo light that cigarette
I’m tripping
Ash it on my b!tches
Taking my dose
I never skip it
Still in my hood up pistol gripping
Still got 100 blunts
Got that bape up in my cup
Stay with a b!tch in the cut who stay with my d!ck in her guts
Wetto the king of the grey
Self park I don’t f*ck with valet
Private jet f*ck a delay
Went to paris and back in a day

No I’m never okay
b!tch stop asking
Came up and supported my family
Just for that they should give me a grammy
Running and ducking the slammer
Thinking bot cocking the hammer
The lights the glitter the glamour
None of this sh!t even matters
None of this sh!t made me happy
Wound up in rehab instead of a casket
Locking me up and they had the rooms padded
Made a straight jacket my fashion

Ruby that motherf*cker
Grim reaping
I’m undercover
Soul seeking
I found another b!tch who’s thinking that I’m her lover
Reason I keep on shrugging
Blunt is cashed let’s keep ’em coming
Only weed keeps me from bugging and from seeking out more destruction
I’m a pro at self doubt but I doubt I’ll ever know
That these b!tches want me to fly ’em out all because I upped the glow
All these f*ckbois wanna be me but they keep it on the low
And talk sh!t about me and my cousin while we’re thumbing through our dough
All this fame is such a curse sometimes I wish I was a ghost
Watch me raise the f*cking dead next time I’m on stage at a show

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Haunted, haunted
I can’t escape my mind
It’s like I’m doing time all the time
Exhausted, lost it
Just one little line
Have this talk with god all the time