Twitter: How To Fix Tweets Disappear On Your IPhone While You Are Chatting

Twitter: How to fix Tweets disappear on your iPhone while you are chatting



Are Tweets disappear on your iPhone while you chat? Twitter has a solution

It is annoying when you read someone’s tweet and they suddenly go away and display a bunch of new tweets? Twitter is aware of this and last week developed a solution for Twitter users who rely solely on the web client. The issue of missing tweets is also common on smartphones, and now Twitter has released a fix for the iOS app.

Twitter announced the release of fixes for the iOS app. For this reason, iPhone users shouldn’t see tweets disappearing right before their eyes while reading. There’s no update for the Android version yet, but you can expect it soon, as Twitter support says.

Twitter fixed the issue with outgoing tweets
“We made several iOS updates to prevent tweets from disappearing while you’re reading them. Now that you’ve stopped scrolling your timeline to see tweets, stay still!” Twitter said.

We’ve made some updates on iOS to prevent Tweets from disappearing mid-read. Now when you pause your timeline scrolling to look at a Tweet, it should stay put!

Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) November 23, 2021

The problem in general has to do with how the platform handles refreshes when other people comment on them. Twitter previously stated that problems arise when certain conversations get more replies and Twitter’s algorithm pushes them like a recent video conversation.
The new update aims to preserve tweets as you read them. Improvements are seen in the Twitter web client and we will see them on the mobile side.

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“Now you can choose when new tweets should be loaded into your timeline – click on the tweet counter bar at the top,” they previously said of Twitter support for performing the fix in the web version.