Toosii – This Is Love Lyrics

Toosii This Is Love Lyrics

What the fuck is love?
Don’t nobody know what the fuck that shit is
I want that, that white picket fence love
That Barack Obama and Michelle Obama love
I want that, that Ike and Tina love
That, that hold my nina love
That nothing can come between us love
Yeah, yeah

To my BM I’m sorry, I couldn’t give you love
Let me give you my background and how all this shit was
Pops had left me abandoned
Momma, she want a family
Granddad Cutty got AIDS and I’m almost living with granny
Twelve years old, I was crying
Lord knows my momma trying
Moved me to South Carolina with daddy, he always lying
Steady stuck in his ways
Working minimum wage
Met a woman out here, she had twins, and look how they raised
Watching him love somebody else kids, shit too fucked up
That’s when my heart got cold and I felt like I couldn’t trust none
Thirteen in North Carolina, now I’m in seventh grade
Middle school, West Millbrook, had hoop dreams but never played
High school I went to Sanderson, me and momma, we homeless
Shaudi locked in the feds right now, shit was moving slow motion
Ninth grade, I got into a fight and broke his nose
Then they switched me to Rolesville, this story, nobody knows
I was raising three kids
Shaudi fighting a bid
I’m just turning fifteen, we tryna get it how we live
My whole life it seem love would never seem to come close
Every time I thought that it did, then it just went ghost
Own family hating
Thinking and contemplating like, “Why the fuck am I here?”
Then I met you and had a baby
I know this life shit ain’t sweet
I know I treated ya bad
Just please don’t take my son, and allow me to be his dad
To the man who come after, she deserve the world
And if it’s me, I’m thankful and happy that you my girl
This ain’t for likes, I love you
Wanna kiss you and hug you
Always know you can call me and know that I’m coming for you
Soon I’ll go get a therapist and we’ll speak to each other
And hopes one day we rekindle and we ketchup like mustard
Hope you see my intentions was never to put you under
‘Cause no one in this world come above you
Sincerely, Stink

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And some people, n****, I swear to God
I, n****, we was homeless sleeping inside of a minivan
Six of us
Is this love?
Living inside of a motel
Is this love?
Shit wasn’t sweet, we was living inside of a motel, bro
Is this love?
My sister went to prison for three years
Is this love?
I raised three kids
At the age of thirteen, bro
Is this love?
That’s what I’m saying
Is this love?
Ah, no, it’s not about, it’s not about, look
Is this love?