Time Escaping Lyrics By Big Thief

Time Escaping Lyrics By Big Thief
Time Escaping Lyrics By Big Thief


  • Big Thief Time Escaping Lyrics

Electric waves a rush of energy
Silent river pouring backward eternally
Through the phase and touch of entropy

Old age in the beginner
To hit the stage and blush wild, laughingly
Crush the rage and rush time tappingly
Call the name so much so vapidly
Dissolving into thin air

Turning the two-fork taped up television
Into tunnel vision
Taking the new fork tactile as revision
Working the revision

Time escaping time

There is no reason to go down alone
Through distortion’s secret telephone
Separate contact separate
Poison in the ether

Swinging still incessant pendulum
Lavender, nettle, calendula
Separate, contact, concentrate
Drawing out the fever

Time escaping time

Only the winter wind survives
After the heat rush feeds and thrives
After the bushfire burns and dies

Frozen and bitter
Desert ground so cold and clean
Spreading out like a magazine
Reading the dirt like gossip

What do the weeds say? They say
“Everything everything everything falls through
Each dimension breaks in two

Like the two hands clapping
Like the two wings flapping
Everything everything everything for free
As it all eventually turns to dust and petal
Molten rock and meadow”

Time escaping time