Throwback Thursday: Thato and Gash1 secrets

Thato and Gash1 have taken their notes
Thato and Gash1 have taken their notes



When it comes to romance, Thato and Gash1 have taken their notes from some ships around the House that either failed to sail or ran aground before much happened.

We are talking about their full-blown romance – where the two have shown intentional, unmistakable, and deeply affectionate gestures to each other.

The last standing ship in the BBMzansi House has reached some murky waters and although we hope they sail through this it seems they are in for some interesting discoveries.

Thato and Gash1 have played the long game and waited out the opportunity to ship in the House.

However, now that their ship is sailing the love is blossoming and the romance is just as passionate.

However, some secrets can either make or break the relationship and Gash1 has one to many of them that sharing them with Thato comes with some reservations.

Thato has reiterated her concerns on not being in the loop about his secrets particularly surrounding his time in Biggie’s House but “after school” she hopes he will be the first person to tell her.

Although Gash1 is uneasy about sharing too much information, he’s made a provision to let her know that before they started shipping, he was just playing the game.

While we have had front row seats to his adventures around the House – his reckless fl!rts to some questionable alliances, we think Thato is in for some interesting secrets.

Our burning question is will their relationship stand the test of time once the secrets come out? We guess we have to wait for after school to find out too!

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