Throwback Thursday: Terry and Vyno Valentine’s Day

After the inevitable lovey-dovey vibes of yesterday, it’s time to pour some cold water on the Big Brother steaminess.

As everybody is no doubt painfully aware, yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and the whole world was going on about it. It was the top trend in multiple locations, corporate accounts tried to get in on the action (as they usually do, with hilarious ham-fistedness).
Big Brother Mzansi was no different – Biggie arranged a special Valentine’s picnic for the Housemates, complete with heart-shaped photobooths, pink balloons, et al.

We don’t mean to sound like cantankerous misanthropes, but it can all get a bit much, even if one is in a fulfilling and loving relationship.

Everything just gets so… pink. If you are one of those people who – by circumstance or choice – is not involved in a romance, then it really can get on your nerves.

For all of you – and who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of schadenfreude – we thought we’d look at some of the relationships in the Big Brother House that failed to take shape, as well as those ships that look to be sailing a little too close to the rocks.


Not surprising, then, is the idea that Terry and Vyno’s relationship might be less than perfectly stable. There has always been speculation that it has always been more strategic than romantic, and Vyno’s proclamation to Yoli seems to support that idea, and Terry seems to be entirely clear-eyed about the direction of the relationship. During a recent Diary Session, she told Biggie that she “can’t deny that [she] still [doesn’t] trust him.”

“I’m tired of having to look over his shoulder for him,” she went on. She said that this week, “he has to come with a different energy, otherwise I might put him up for Nomination, because he would need a reality check.” Well, she didn’t have the opportunity, but the reality check came – he was among the final Nominations, anyway.


Terry x Vyno

It’s a fascinating dynamic that Terry is very s*xually liberated but, by her own admission, emotionally closed off, while at the same time being open to Vyno’s advances. On Thursday night, the two had very heartfelt discussions, and could not keep their hands off each other – they came close to sealing it with a kiss. Vyno has expressed that the possibility of shipping in the House with Terry is his number one priority but she says her eyes are set on the game right now. Although social media is rooting for them and has dubbed the pair the Valentine’s special. We hope that these two find their way through these murky waters. Who knows, they might set sail; but the possibility of being in a relationship is uncertain. We hope they come to an understanding of their own –  maybe it could be on the table outside the House.

See it wasn’t so bad, there’s a lot of matching to do but the love bug is here and fingers crossed, we will see some ships soon.

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This is the most obvious of the lot. Acacia made no bones about the fact that she felt terribly treated by B.U. after she made it clear that she had a crush on him, and he chose to devote his affections to Venus, instead.

We’re not sure how she thinks she has a claim, here. He’s free to be attracted to whomever he likes, and it’s not like calling “dibs” has any real legal basis. In the end, Acacia’s determination to be bitter about it may have played more than just a small role in her appearing on every list of Nominations.


It turns out that Acacia could perhaps have played it a little cool. Venus has – on numerous occasions and at great length – told B.U. that she’s not sure she can trust him. His obvious friendship with Yoli is a particular sore point, although she also takes great pains to say that it’s really not a problem, no way, it’s all cool – only to then say that it’s the reason she doesn’t see a future with him.

To confuse the matter even further, she then proceeded to be super-affectionate with B.U. during yesterday’s Valentine’s lunch, which had viewers wondering what, exactly, she was playing at. Perhaps she’s unsure, herself.


Yoli is embroiled in another triangle, and this one is a little weird. Vyno has been Terry’s squeeze since very soon after he joined the House, and he always tells Big Brother that he’s very happy with her.

He did, however, tell Yoli that he was actually attracted to her, and that Terry, “just happened”. Yoli – for her part – seemed entirely surprised by this revelation and was laughing out loud as she told Norman about it.


Right now, this relationship looks well and truly dead. While Libo and Mpho became friendly early in the game, and that friendship looked ready to turn into a full-blown romance, Mpho quickly put paid to that. She accused him of blowing hot and cold, with the chillier moments being when there was nobody around to witness him being hot, as it were. “One minute,” she said, “he will be telling me he wants us to be together,” but he will – eventually – be distant when it doesn’t convert to physical intimacy.

Following this Diary Session, the tension between the two of them was aaaaaawwwwwkwaaaaaard! When Libo insisted that they talk about the elephant in the room, Mphowabadimo obliged, and proceeded to eviscerate him. Libo put up a valiant effort at defending himself, it must be said. Right now, though, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be enough – any subsequent interaction between the two has been platonic, at best.

Their fortunes have also switched – Mpho has just survived an Eviction, and Libo finds himself under threat, this coming Sunday.

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It’s still early days. We’re not even halfway through the season, so some of these ships might still sail, and others might sink to the gloomy depths of unrequited love. We wait, we watch, and we see.

Cupid’s arrow has struck the House, but the Housemates are in disarray with all these love triangles. Are you ready for some maths?

In as much as the Housemates are playing it cool around the BBMzansi House, we can’t help but notice some love interests that are slowly blossoming amongst them. However, our biggest question is: will they follow through with their apparent interests or stall on their advances and end up in a messy love triangle?

Sometimes, two weeks can feel like a long time when you think about the way the Housemates must spend a lot of time with each other. As expected, Cupid is working overtime in Biggie’s House but are the Housemates ready to ship?

Who knew we would need the Pythagoras theorem to solve these #BBMzansi love triangles. Either way, it’s about to get interesting. Here’s what we have noticed.

Venus x B.U x Yoli x Acacia  

The charming B.U. hit it off with Yoli since day one of the season and their chemistry is undeniable, from their interest in music to their random bonding moments. Be it friendship or that other kind of ship we think their connection is exciting and refreshing but could easily fall apart and as we know the friendzone is the pits! On the other hand, B.U. has been showing interest in Venus – from the small talk to to spending more time with her in the House. However, Venus has been a little ambivalent towards, but she’s made it known that she is interested in B.U. She’s just worried that he will play with her heart. She says she is a sapios*xual and finds his conversations intriguing but she worries about the way he carries himself around other girls.

Mpho x Libo x Nale 

Libo seems to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. In the past few weeks, he has been getting closer to Mphowabadimo with each passing day. It all started with the impromptu reading she gave him by connecting to his ancestors. The connection between them has not stopped as they seem to have found some sort of comfort in each other. From sharing the hottest gossip in the Garden to having their own moments in the House, the pair seems to be making strides in their shipping affairs, but hold on, there’s someone else in the picture. Libo told Biggie in one of his Diary Sessions that he has his eyes set on Nale.

On the flip side,  Libo says “I’d like to ruffle a few feathers. I see that B.U is interested in Venus. I want to see if he can handle a little competition… I know I will come out on top!” Look out B.U.because Libo is ready to scatter whatever he has going on especially now he’s aware that B.U. made unsuccessful advances on Mphowabadimo.

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Is it just a game to him or is he out to scatter ships? Libo may have a number of ladies on his radar but one thing we are rooting for is his confidence. Who will fall for it? Mphowabadimo has shown she’s interested in him and even shared a passionate kiss with Libo.

It seems like the beginning of a budding ship here, but our key takeaway is, it’s one thing to be interested in someone and another to be expressive about how you feel for them.

That said, Libo has been struggling to be vulnerable with both these ladies – given his past heartbreak we think there’s a lot at stake for him if he chooses to fall in love with one of these ladies.  Whatever the case is for him, we hope he chooses wisely and finally settles.

Nale x Tulz x Thato

What’s going on in Nale’s head? Does she like Tulz or nah, or is it all just mind games? We have reason to think that Nale is interested in Tulz but her game is stronger than it seems. After being selected to be the DHoH, Nale would spend most of her time with Tulz and as it happens, she has been visibly fond of him.

From the quirky way she would mimic his behaviour to their deep meaningful conversations, we’ve seen them grow closer to one another. However, when Tulz confessed to not being able to be alone with her in the dark she quickly interjected and insisted on leaving the HoH Bedroom for the sake of establishing healthy boundaries.

On the other hand, we think she could have been playing him at his own game to make sure he makes the first move while she still holds the power to accept his advances. Or is there a bigger power play at hand?

Nale may simply be aligning with wH0ever she thinks is the strongest guy in the House – either way, she is in the game and she is playing her part. Although Tulz appears to be primarily occupied by Nale, he has had his fair share of encounters with Thato – who has expressed her unwavering crush on him and even stated that she would date him outside the House.

Thato has slowly been moving on Tulz and unfortunately for her, we think Tulz had a plan to use her to make Nale jealous. Tulz is aware of Thato’s feelings and plays very cautiously around her while still leading her on enough to keep her thinking about him.

After the Saturday Night Party, she expressed her frustration to Tulz, as she feels like she has been third-wheeling for Nale and Tulz. However, Thato is aware that Nale and Tulz are quite fond of each other.