Throwback Thursday: Mphowabadimo and Libo kiss!ng after Saturday Night Party


To  Big Brother Mzansi’ fan’s astonishment, during the party, Mphowabadimo pulled in Libo for a brief kiss and there after, DJ stokie played a track that made her cry as it triggered her past wounds from a bad relationship. Libo didn’t hesitate, instead kissed her back.

When the party ended, the Housemates got back into the House and moved about in pairs as they approached their love interests.

B.U coupled up with Venus who then confirmed that she likes him but is worried about his behaviour around the ladies. Venus further told B.U that she feels like he is a player. Later in the night, Venus gossips about B.U being a “man H0e” to Yoli.

Just when we thought that things couldn’t get any hotter, during a game of ‘truth or dare’, things got really steamy.

Themba  kissed Sis Tamara. Norman touched lips with Yoli. Mvelo got it on with Thato.

Sis Tamara, for lack of a better word, bumped and grinded on Libo who had to take off his glasses to see the action properly.

Mphowabadimo shared a very long and passionate kiss with Themba and last but not least, Dinkybliss kissed Themba. Later on during the night, Dinkybliss also made out with Tulz.

These are some of the reactions that we got from the fans…

Viwe pointed out that Libo wasn’t happy about Mphowabadimo and Themba rubbing lips.



Mpho was evidently entertained by Sis Tamara and Themba’s kiss.



Boipelo commented that Norman and sis Tamara’s kiss was cute.