Throwback Thursday: Gash1 and Thato serve their punishment

Gash1 and Thato serve their punishment
Gash1 and Thato serve their punishment


Gash1, and Thato have been guilty of breaking the microphone rules that were communicated to them.

This in Biggie’s House, is considered a serious offense.

Three numbers were put in a hat that was placed in front of the Housemates. Themba, Gash1, and Thato had to pick a number from the hat, the number picked determined the punishment each would serve.

The punishments were as follows:

Punishment 1

To carry out this punishment, the Housemate had to scrub the tables and floors with toothbrushes. Unfortunately, Thato scored herself this punishment.

Punishment 2

For this punishment, one had to crawl like a baby, yes, like a baby.

The person serving this punishment was allowed to stand up only to go to the toilet.

Biggie provided a diaper, a dummy, a baby hat, and a bib for the big baby to wear.

This punishment went to Themba. He was also instructed to drink his beverage out of a baby bottle.

Themba was allowed to only sit on the floor, and not on a chair.

Punishment 3

For this punishment, the Housemate received a bucket filled with dried lentils, beans, and rice.

Three jars were provided, and the Housemate had to separate the three grains into the jars.

Can you guess who had to serve this particular punishment? Gash1 of course.

In serving their punishments, Housemates had to follow these rules:

Housemates had to serve their punishments without any help.

Punished Housemates were to prioritize this punishment.

Should they break any microphone rules after this, Housemates will be punished