These Android malware spies on you with 23 apps.


In the most modern episode of an Android malware attack, spyware was found to infect devices in the US and Korean markets. This malware called PhoneSpy has been found to infect 23 Android apps, but thankfully none is associated with any of the apps available on the Google Play Store.

“Unlike other spyware campaigns we’ve seen that exploit device vulnerabilities, PhoneSpy is disguised and disguised as a regular app with goals ranging from learning yoga to watching TV and watching videos or taking photos.” Report the malware.

Android spyware in the wild

Zimperium said Spyware can steal sensitive data, including messages, images, and even provide remote control of the device, “Data stolen from victims’ devices ranges from personal photos to corporate messages. “The victims provided their personal information to the perpetrators of the crime without any indication that something was wrong,”

Hereabouts something malware can do:

  • Complete list of installed apps
  • Theft of identification data with the help of phishing
  • Image theft
  • GPS location monitoring
  • SMS message theft


  • Stealing phone contacts
  • Steal the call list.”
  • Real-time audio recording
  • Record real-time video with front and back camera
  • Camera access to take photos with front and back camera


  • Send SMS to attacker-controlled phone numbers with attacker-controlled texts
  • Filter device information (IMEI, brand, device name, Android version)
  • Hide its presence by hiding symbols from the device drawer/menu

“The application can remove any application installed by the user, including mobile security applications. The exact location of the device is available to malicious participants in real-time without the victim’s knowledge. Spyware also allows threats to use phishing sites to retrieve Facebook credentials.” To collect Instagram, Google and Kakao Talk,” the statement said.

How do you protect yourself from this malware?
Currently, the malware is mainly distributed on Android devices in the Korean and US markets. If you’re using an Android device, here’s what you need to be aware of.

  • Avoid downloading and installing apps from unreliable third-party app stores. It is recommended that you keep using the Google Play Store to download all your apps.
  • Never click on suspicious links sent via SMS or email.