5 Steps to Get Out of the Friend Zone in The Queen Season 6 on Mzansi Magic

The Queen Season 6
The Queen Season 6


5 Steps to Get Out of the Friend Zone – The Queen

We give you Bhambatha Khoza’s guide on how to get out of the friend zone – in five simple steps do you want to get out of the friend zone? Or do you want to dish out the advice to someone else who’s going through this?

Whatever your position, we have five easy steps to help you get (or your friend) of the friend zone – it’s a guide by Bhambatha Khoza from The Queen Season 6 on Mzansi Magic.

We’ve seen how he moved from Thando’s (aka Kefiloe) friend zone to the man with who she is getting serious with.

The Queen Season 6 


Here are five ways to get the love of your life to see you as more than a friend:

1. Make sure they know what your intentions are
This means you need to shoot your shot and let your friend know that you’re not settling to be a friend. Bhambatha from The Queen Season 6 put his foot down and told Thando he’s not going to be her friend. He told her that they will not see each other as friends.

2. Let them miss you
Remember when Bhambatha cut ties with Thando after she said they should just be friends? He even blocked her phone number. She missed him and asked to see him again.



3. Be a good listener
This will help you understand why the person you are in love with does not want to be more than friends. In Thando’s case she was occupied with work life, and she didn’t think that her and Bhambatha was a match – they’re so different. It is also a good way to help the person see you’re really interested in their wellbeing.

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4. Have patience and give it time
In the words of MaJali – Bhambatha’s mother – “love is complicated”. She advised Bhambatha to persevere and to be patient. In the end, Bhambatha won Thando Sebata’s (aka Kefiloe) heart. It wasn’t easy for Bhambatha, but we’re sure it’s worth it now.

5. Be vulnerable and open
A sweet moment happened when Bhambatha opened up about his father’s absence in his life and that he now has abandonment issues. Thando felt it hard and Bhambatha’s vulnerability won her heart.

Bonus tip: Compliment them

Is Thando and Bhambatha a good match? What do you think?

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