The Dream Syndicate – Where I'll Stand Lyrics

Where I’ll Stand Lyrics By The Dream Syndicate

I’m alive but I’m falling
Where the ground split wide
I’m all right but I’m wondering
What’s on the other side

I make plans I don’t follow
They only let me down
I hate words that ring hollow
And shift in shape and sound

I’m for anything further
Than where we were before
I don’t know why we keep falling
Before we reach the door

I don’t believe you’ll be calling
Going ‘round the dream
I don’t think I’m stalling
You don’t know what I mean

This is where I’ll stand
I don’t know why you keep saying
It wasn’t where it’s at
What is defiance
If not a place to hang your hat
I’m for magic and deception
Going ‘round the bend
I’m for laundry in the river
When we’re soiled again

I’m for biting off
More than what I planned
I’ll be around when it’s over
This is where I’ll stand