The Black Seeds – Game Over Lyrics

The Black Seeds – Game Over Lyrics

I consider myself the optimist
There’s always a solution
That’s lurking behind the mist
I’m only human, I’m kinda new to this
But the moment when you realise
Your time is
fading away
I try not to focus on all my negatives
Take a deep breath cause that’s what life truly is

There’s some kind of infinite loneliness
But underneath it there’s l
e and we depend on this
It’s not
over until you surrender
giving up

closes the door forever
you can lose the fight and still be the champion
But the fool who knows it, this is the wise man
Head to the wind
Don’t invest in a frown
Save your energies
for the real lock down
Try to save your pennies Just
like they say
And don’t waste your time on click bait or the prey
Distractions take over
Your focus it closes
Your patience erodes and the feeling explodes us
Step back inside the feeling of Pride for yourself and your smile
You can can survive

It’s not
over until you surrender
giving up

closes the door forever

The Black Seeds

While firmly based in the island grooves that inspired the birth of the band over two decades ago, ‘The Black Seeds’ sound casts a wide net, layering funk, soul, Afrobeat, and other eclectic elements over their dub/reggae foundations.

It’s “contemporary groove music with influences from soul and funk and reggae rhythms” explains guitarist/vocalist Barnaby Weir.

Described by Clash Magazine as “one of the best live reggae acts on the planet,” The Black Seeds legendary eight-piece live show infuses raw energy and good vibes wherever they go, fueling multi-platinum sales and a growing worldwide following.

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With countless sold-out tours behind them and performances at many of the world’s leading festivals, The Black Seeds live show delivers a soul party on time, every time.