The Bad Ends – The Ballad of Satan’s Bride Lyrics

The Ballad of Satan’s Bride Lyrics By The Bad Ends

No I didn’t know what day it was
On the night dear Sonny died
For he left a hole here on the earth
That no man could ever survive
It was said he’d found the deepest love
It was said that many had envy
For the fair Rebecca was his bride
For the tender feelings they shared easily
They shared easily

Have you left the door to Satan open
Has he come back from the hereafter
To steal your love and happiness
To grind you to dust and laughter
So strong a man to go that way
Without her by his side
They were only married a couple of months
She held his hand he took the slide
He took the slide

Oh the V10 Titan’s a mean machine
On the blacktop and Firestone
When it hurled his body through the air
Like Orion running from the throne
Missing all the airbags
The glass the seatbelt gauges
They swept him from the highway there
Cleaned off of his shards and pages
Shards and pages

Oh her heart was heavy with dark grief
When she went down to the bar
And met a drunken troubadour
And fell into his arms
In her shame one night she felt him
Right beside her sleeping
She woke to find a stranger’s arms
About her and began weeping
Began weeping