Watch the lovely moment Thato assured Gash that she will never cheat on him because he is perfect for her

Thato assured Gash
Thato assured Gash


Thato to Gash I will never cheat on you

Finding love in the BBMzansi house was not in Thato plans, but it happened, and she has no regrets.

In the fifth week of her stay in the BBMzansi house, she built a connection with one of the top five contestants Gash1; they did almost everything together and she was sad to leave the house.

”I was there for 9 out of 10 weeks and finding love is something I did not expect at all. He is not the kind of guy I usually go for, but love is the love I guess,” she said.

Unlike Venus, who said her connection with BU and Themba was just her playing the game, Thato says her bond with Gash1 was real.

“It was all real for me. I did not believe that Gash was playing a game with me, and that is what my heart told me. He let his guard down and would sacrifice the game when speaking to me and I did the same. I am yet to see if he was playing me after he wins the R2 million. If he was, then his loss.”

She would be happy if Gash1 wins but she is also routing for Mphowabadimo.

“Of course, I want Gash or Themba to take the money, but for women empowerment, I would not mind Mpho taking it,” she said.

“Themba was my least favorite person in the house because his jokes were often mean but I should be okay if he wins. I found him to be unnecessarily mean and I fought with him the most. Tulz on the other hand must just stay away from me. He became very personal but would then say it is just a game. He is the one person I am apprehensive about.”

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While she waits for the love of her life to be announced the BBMzansi winner, she continues to pursue her career as an entertainer.

“I am so grateful to be walking away with a huge platform, Was able to put myself out there and show who I am. Just want to continue creating content on social media. Would love to have a talk show on radio or television and maybe also get an acting job here and there. Am multi-talented, and this is the beginning of big things to come from me in this space.”


Thato and Gash1 cuddle while they stargaze.

When it comes to romance, Thato and Gash1 have taken their notes from some ships around the House that either failed to sail or ran aground before much happened. We are talking about their full-blown romance – where the two have shown intentional, unmistakable, and deeply affectionate gestures to each other.

The last standing ship in the BBMzansi House has reached some murky waters and although we hope they sail through this it seems they are in for some interesting discoveries. Thato and Gash1 have played the long game and waited out the opportunity to ship in the House. However, now that their ship is sailing the love is blossoming and the romance is just as passionate.

Thato and Gash1’s relationship has come to a stalemate. Even though Thato has been kicked out of the #BBMzansiHouse, Gash1 has managed to remain. Thato smiles as she leaves the house. It could be because she’s in love with him so much. Thato says that after entering the #BBMzansi House, she has become more self-aware.

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Thato is already the winner; she met her soul mate in the ‘House.” She’s a cheerful individual. Her new man is taking R2 million with him when he leaves the house. We admire her tenacity and determination. They’ve all wished her luck in her future endeavors, as have her admirers and viewers.

Gash1 was instructed by Thato to deliver the money back to the family. He’s been pampering her as if she were a king or queen.
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There is no doubt in my mind that you are a better candidate than I am, Thato. Babe, bring back the money.


Gash1: Gotcha, babe, you’re familiar with the plot.

Thato: You have my heart; I adore you.

Gash1: I adore you as well, sweetheart.

Mzansi are aware of the situation. Terry, Tamara, and Thato were all amused with Gash1. As soon as Lawrence confirmed that Thato was safe following his eviction. His face was plastered with it. When he found out that he had made it to the final, Gash1 gave Themba, Thulz, and Libo a stern look. For a brief while, I believed I was the only one who had observed his nasty smirk, as if he were about to engage in a duel with the.

Gash1 must win the money for Thato, who must say her final goodbyes. Fan expectations for her career outside of the home are sky-high. In our prayers, Queen Thato will be granted all of her wishes.