Thato react to a troll who accused her of going to the show to win Indoda



Some groups of haters slammed Thato Today details below | Thato’s reply to a troll

Recall that Thato was one of the BBMzansi 2022 housemates who was the eldest of four children,

Thato is a TikToker who loves nothing more than dabbling in different activities to leave her adventurous personality unboxed.

Juggling being an accountant and a TikTok content creator surely takes a fluid personality to pull off. She does it all with ease.

Thato was evicted from the Big Brother Mzansi 2022 Show on Sunday, 13th March 2022 in Week 9 of the 2022 series which is getting hotter, and some housemates have also left the house.

An unknown user slam Thato that many of the housemates went into the big brother’s house with the intention of winning the 2-meter jiki jiki Thato went there to win indoda.

Thato reacting to her comment said Thato replied  Friend, I see that you really dislike me and my tweets that’s fine

I highly recommend the unfollow button because if you keep following me

you’re gonna loooo0000000000ove me Protect yourself from yourself.

Thato troll


However, Gash continues to receive more gifts from his fans.

not too long after he received some gifts from his fans the Gashers got a new gift today from his fans watch the video below.

Gash said,

Thank you thank you very very

much it’s wrong I thought I’m gonna stop

getting presents from you guys but it

seems like you know the life just keeps

coming in more and more every day

every weekend I’m very grateful for this

guys thank you very much for still

considering me as your family I’m very

grateful I’m very honored to still be

part of this family thank you very very


so yeah

so they told me that it was a ring

light so

okay so thank you very much to mom truly

for this

and I still want to send my condolences


all the family

and my friends and family that have been

affected by what is happening in Gaza

natal the flooding has been very

hope everything goes well

uh we will always keep you in my prayers

we will keep you in our prayers.

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