BBMzansi: Congratulations to Thato as she becomes the Mc for the Mayoral Youth Games

Thato Immaculate
Thato Immaculate



Congratulations to Thato as she becomes the Mc for the Mayoral Youth Games.

The BBMzansi star Thato got a new achievement to be the Mc of Midvaal Mayoral youth games

Netball & soccer finals will take place at Meyerton sports center by 09:00 am 16 June 2022 tomorrow.

Thato made this know on her social media page as she wrote:

Sports and entertainment in one day? Please, I’m rocking! Hosted by our executive mayor, (Peter Teixeira EM)

With yours truly as the MC #Thato

Check out the picture below:

Thato Mayoral Youth Games
Thato Mayoral Youth Games

In Other News, Thato revealed that her VLOGS would be dropping next week like almost every day.

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Midvaal Local Municipality is the fastest growing and developing municipality in the southern parts of the Gauteng Province and strives to achieve:

Sustainable delivery of quality and affordable services, including free basic services for the poor;

An integrated and diverse economy that provides opportunities for all;

Integrated spatial planning that promotes economic and social inclusion;

A well-planned and controlled environment through a range of development policies and instruments.

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Effective, efficient, and planned public transport network;

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Health, social, and community development;

Safety and security for all;

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