Tesla Blackout strikes Car Owners! Elon Musk claims to verify app server crash

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Head of Tesla Inc Elon Musk claims to verify app server crash


Elon Musk, head of Tesla Inc, said on Friday he was looking for an app server failure that prevented many owners from connecting to their cars. Musk replied to a tweet from the Tesla owner that he had a “Server 500 error” to connect his Tesla Model 3 via the iOS app. This glitch was first announced by Electrek.

About 500 users reported experiencing errors at 1640 ET (2140 GMT), according to interrupt monitoring site Downdetector, which tracks interrupts by compiling status reports from a number of sources, including errors submitted by users of their platform. .

Tesla gets new shared high price target for EV revolution
Even the recent drop in Tesla’s stock wasn’t enough to deter even the most optimistic of analysts. The electric vehicle maker, which has come under pressure from CEO Elon Musk’s share sale, accepted a new $1,400 price target on Wedbush Securities – the highest level collectively among analysts tracked by Bloomberg. Wedbush said Tesla could sell half of the electric vehicle market for $5 trillion.

“The Street continues to absorb the tremendous transformation the auto industry is facing around the electric vehicle revolution,” analyst Dan Ives wrote on Thursday in a note that raised its $1,100 target and reiterated its performance rating. “This green tide will create a $5 trillion market opportunity over the next decade, with Tesla leading the way.

Ives said Telsa should take advantage of President Joe Biden’s $550 billion infrastructure bill, which is set to increase the country’s production of electric vehicles, and boost demand in China.

Competition in the industry is getting tougher, claiming that Apple Inc. insists on accelerating the development of its own electric car. Wedbush’s Ives said in a separate note that Apple could partner with them to develop its cars next year, with Tesla being a potential candidate.

The stock was little changed at $1,093.96 in pre-market trading in the US, and was down about 11% from its November high.

@elonmusk I’m experiencing 500 server error to connect my @tesla Model 3 on my iOS app in Seoul, S.Korea. Seems like this is a worldwide issue.