Summary Manchester United vs Leicester City 1-1 (Download video)

Manchester United vs Leicester Highlights
Manchester United vs Leicester Highlights


The Manchester United-Leicester City match began with full force.

United have pretty much owned the ball in the final third, but at the moment they can’t form anything clearly. Many switches are in play, but they can’t unlock Leicester

The ball turns around again and Pogba now throws it up in the center. He reaches the edge of D and the crowd encourages him to shoot but instead tries to play Fred. It has been clarified and United is coming again.

Rashford was a better choice
Rashford is not considered a midfielder for obvious reasons (because he is not), but he has played enough there in the past to provide a focal point for United.

Bruno Fernandes is about to fall and succeed. The passes given to Elanga were too telegraphed and easily cut out.

Leicester City looked sharper in the final third when United seems to have run out of ideas when it ventures so far ahead. They play patiently, but they could do more…

Iheanacho has all the time in the world, but he can’t reach his goal.

Fernandes played through it but fired Schmeichel’s shot to the side to protect it with outstretched legs.

Iheanacho had a chance up the other end but fired his shot. Barnes flicked a Maddison shot after overtaking Varane, but it was also wide. And that was pretty much half that.