“Lungs” is Donnelly’s first outing from Flood, and follows her appearance on Methyl Ethel’s “Proof” single in January.

Donnelly says of the new single, which is teamed with a video co-directed by Donnelly and Duncan Wright, “Very loosely based on the Banded Stilts of my album cover, the character I play in red is a wobbly adult, doing their best with their new set of legs and responsibilities, trying to make it look easy but very much on unsteady ground.

I wanted this video to celebrate the child, firm in their footholds, intimidatingly honest, not to be messed with, they are the strength and power of this video no matter how much I try to assert myself as the boss.”

Flood will follow Donnelly’s 2019 debut album Beware of the Dogs. She wrote the album with band members Jennifer Aslett, George Foster, Jack Gaby and Marcel Tussie, and co-produced the record with Anna Laverty and Methyl Ethyl’s Jake Webb.

A press release states that Donnelly wrote 43 tracks for the new album while moving around Australia. While in the rainforests of Bellingen, Donnelly picked up birdwatching, and was “able to lose that feeling of anyone’s reaction to me. I forgot who I was as a musician, which was a humbling experience of just being; being my small self.”


  1. Lungs
  2. How Was Your Day?
  3. Restricted Account
  4. Underwater
  5. Medals
  6. Move Me
  7. Flood
  8. This Week
  9. Oh My My My
  10. Morning Silence
  11. Cold
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Like the many Banded Stilts that spread across the cover of her newest album Flood, Stella Donnelly is wading into uncharted territory. Here, she finds herself discovering who she is as an artist among the flock, and how abundant one individual can be.

Flood is Donnelly’s record of this rediscovery: the product of months of risky experimentation, hard moments of introspection, and a lot of moving around.

Donnelly’s early reflections on the relationship between the individual and the many can be traced back to her time in the rainforests of Bellingen, where she took to birdwatching as both a hobby and an escape in a border-restricted world.

By paying closer attention to the natural world around her, Donnelly recalls “I was able to lose that feeling of anyone’s reaction to me.

I forgot who I was as a musician, which was a humbling experience of just being; being my small self.”

Reconnecting with this ‘small self’ allowed Donnelly to tap into creative wells she didn’t know existed.

Looking back at the Banded Stilt, Donnelly ultimately appreciates how when “seen in a crowd they create an optical illusion, but on its own, it’s this singular piece of art.”

While each song in Flood is a singular artwork unto itself, the collective shares all of Stella Donnelly in abundance: her inner child, her nurturing self, her nightmare self; all of herself has gone into the making of this record, and although it would take an ocean to fathom everything she feels, it’s well worth diving in.

“Lungs” is out now. Stella Donnelly‘s Flood album will arrive via Secretly Canadian on 26 August, and is available to pre-order now. She’ll play two shows at The Great Escape in Brighton this weekend. Visit stelladonnelly.com for her full list of tour dates