Sondre Lerche – Avatars Of Love Lyrics

Avatars of Love Lyrics By Sondre Lerche

Who do you see when you close your eyes?
Is that a part of me or part of the disguise?
Ecstatic moments reduced to this
Is it a remedy or is it the abyss?
We knew the danger we rose above
And for a second we were avatars of love
We came very close, and yet not very far
Could we ever be more than an avatar?
Avatar, avatar of love

We picked our poisons, composed ourselves
Embodying the passions wasting on our shelves
All that excitement, long bottled up
Our insides poured into a flooded paper cup
We fit the moment just like a glove
And for an instance became avatars of love
We came very close, and yet not very far
Frozen in our history as avatars
Avatars of love

Release the pigeons!
Release the doves!
It doesn’t matter what you call it,
it’s not love
We came very close, and yet not very far
We’re not even fit to be an avatar
Avatar, avatar, avatar of love

So who are we,
lost in the stars?
We’re only flesh and smoke and mirrors from afar
This little trigger,
a glitch in time
A song to tip the scale as we turn on a dime
Play all of ‘folklore’ and all of ‘Blue’
Play half of ‘evermore’ and all of ‘Down To You’
Play ‘Sunset Village’
Play ‘Multitudes’
Play every take on ‘In A Sentimental Mood’
‘Aguas de Marco’,
‘Waters Of March’
any translation, key, or read from any chart
Play ‘Sherlock Holmes’
Play ‘Sacrifice’
Play ‘At The River’ and then ‘Smoke Gets In Your Eyes’
Play ‘Watertown’, I’ll be in tears
‘Slip Into Character’ performed by Britney Spears
Play ‘Everytime’ and then ‘s*x Kills’
And then ‘May Later’ by the talented Blake Mills
Play ‘I’ll Come Too’ by Jimmy Blake
‘A Case Of You’ in any tapping you can take
Now play ‘The Kiss’ by Judee Sill
Play ‘Jesus’ Blood’, play Lady Day sings ‘You’re My Thrill’
Play ‘Left Alone’ or ‘Omen 3’
‘If You Could See Me Now’ by Chet or Peggy Lee
Play ‘Signs’ by Drake or ‘Signs’ by Snoop
Play every single damn Disintegration Loop

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Then play our song before we pause
It’s now the saddest little song there ever was
We came very close…close!
Play it for Pete and Polly, too
Play it for anyone who fell in love with you
We came very close, and yet not very far
Who are we in real life if not avatars?
But who were those two kissing underneath the stars?
Avatars, avatars of love