Slumlord Trill – Honorable Member Lyrics

Honorable Member Lyrics By Slumlord Trill

This is greatness,
This is ghetto motivation
This is patience,
This is love and frustration yeah this is dangerous,
Live from the city of the angels this amazing,
This history in the making yeah

The jungles my hood the gang that we b*nging is bloods
We never had nothing, I jumped off the porch in da mud
My family was poor, daddy and moma on drugs
I ran to the streets, kuz that’s where they showed me the love I wasn’t a dummy, but I couldn’t focused on school
I wanted them fits, I wanted them brand new sH0es my grades was bad, I stopped showing up to my class and dropped out kuz in school you can’t earn no cash this sh!t is a culture, filled with snakes and vultures influenced by it, I watched all the n!gga* that older affiliated by the color of strangs in ya sH0es
I dropped out but rochelle, she pushed me thru who knew, one day I be in a jail
Who knew in the streets my name ring bells
Young street legend slum got stories to tell
Gang fights on 49th got stabbed in the arm
Gang tatts and war wounds I’m covered in scars

I’m surprised sometimes I’m not in the morgue look in the mirror I’m ghetto I’m grimey I’m gangsta I’m turnt up I’m burnt out with one in the chamber loaded with ammo literally lost and angry
In little apartments, you love it and learn to accept it learn to adapt learn to lead and attack
Loyal and affiliated but loosely attached
Couple trips to the prison my name still good eastside low bottoms all the way to the wood never fold stay solid and gain respect
Learn to keep ya mouth closed you passed the test momma died when I was in jail that made me stress sometimes you lose a lil to gain success
All the sh!t I been thru I can’t regress
All the homies that I loss they keep my bless
Look at my story not where I’m from where I’m going
You see it you want it you take it just live in the moment
Star in my city I carry the hood on my shoulders

I never give up I never look back just forward
Don’t follow my steps but all the progress that I’m making
I gotta be something kuz even the enemies play em
Voice of the slums, voice of the cracked up pavement
Voice of the sewer, voice of the palm trees waving
Honorable member lotta these n!gga* fugazi
Some of em telling soon as the get to the station
It couldn’t be, I never could give em a statement
They thought I would fail but surely they sadly mistaken

I paid all my dues and gave em the inspiration
Few are chosen I’m devoted to give me this labor
Fully focused locked in and after this paper
No complaining no excuses no time for the playing
I’ma diamond in the rough from the jump I was blazing
Like a flaming hot cheeto, I’m hotter than satan

Motivation from the trenches I’m famous and b*nging
If I can make it then you can make it
Look at all my doubters in the goofy faces
Wrist full of diamonds yeah the time changing
No matter how it play out ima die
And y’all go for hating, pupils dialated
For all my folks gon I’m shine daily
Do it til I’m old yeah tom brady
And for all the ones who said that I can’t ima do it and chunk the sett in the face


This greatness,
This is ghetto motivation
This patience,
This is love and frustration this is dangerous,
Live from the city of the angels this amazing,
This history in the making (yeah !)