Sfven – don’t jump the gun Lyrics

Don’t jump the gun Lyrics By Sfven

You always said I should be patient
And maybe we should try to fire up a little bit of conversation
Anything to help me get outside the basement

Its so often underrated
Isnt it funny how you never really seem to rush a revalation
Happens when it happens why am I complaining

All of my damage
With all of my habits
My brain just feels scattered as I lie on my mattress
And I know I can’t have it
But that’s part of the magic
Its tragic, I’ve had it, I remember you said

Don’t jump the gun
(you don’t really have to worry about what comes next)
Don’t jump the gun
(and you don’t really have to scare yourself to death)
Good things will come
(yeh you don’t always have to be there at your best)
So don’t jump the gun

Is so damn grating
Why is it that I never seem to figure out the same equation
Maybe just a little bit of alteration