Sextile – Modern Weekend Lyrics

Modern Weekend Lyrics By s*xtile

I was never wasted
Forward facing
Far facing
Breaking my back everyday now
Wasting all my time yeah
Wasting my emotions
Listening to things I never wanna hear but

They still on the fact side
Always in a back slide
All the fact side
Never in the ace

Busting up my brains
Where your holding on to secrets
Switching to your laughter
Hanging on your banks now

Wasting wasting forward facing
Five pound for me
Far far far away

Never had a secret
Always had to keep it
Listen to the bass and
Opening up my mom says

I was wasted forward forward facing
Never had a bracelet
Wanted all my time now

They sing your facts
Squeeze’s it for my backs
Saying never had any grace see
Oh i’m gonna barf now

What were you thinking
Was it leave us
Modern Weekend
Iggy Pop