rouri404 & Vaeo – Zombie Lyrics

Zombie Lyrics By rouri404 & Vaeo

Know you’ll take me to a place where I cant come back
Looking into the mirror your shadows all I have
Bottle full of pills up on the counter relapse
Relax (Relax)
Keep it ten toes down
Like to brag, why you mad, you in the centerfold now

Oh my god! got these labels on my telephone now
I’m off some drugs can’t keep my vomit down, I
Wish I could take your pain, and wash it all away
Thought when I left sh!t would change, but its all the same
You’re the one to blame but still I’m hurting too
Telling me the truth but I wish I never knew
(Yeah I wish I never knew the things that you do without me)
Yeah you’re lost without me

You’re mad for what? I hope it kills you someday
Rot my lungs like a f*cking zombie

(All those tears you crying for)
I know that you know you can call me
(Who you feel like dying for)
I don’t know no one who can stop me
I can’t get outta here this sh!t is too exhausting
You got me second guessing now you lost me (Lost me)
Yeah you lost me, everyday is so exhausting
Waking up already done when will it all end

Exit life praying that I’m not born again
Tearing skin off that I’ve been tortured in
I wish I never knew
Lost in the dark with a monster in the room
Feels like the world is ending soon
Rippin’ arms off scars go deeper than they should
Ain’t a cause for alarm now I’m getting gone for good

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