Review of how week 3 of season 7 of BBNaija went {Video}

Review of how week 3 of season 7 of BBNaija went
Review of how week 3 of season 7 of BBNaija went



BBNaija season 7 Week three (3) started on a sober note for the Level 2 Housemates as they experienced a lot of losses, but we saw them come out stronger in the end.

A Disqualification and Evictions

The Level Up Housemates had their first round of Evictions on Sunday.

Hours before the Live Eviction show, Beauty was disqualified, and Christy O and Cyph took their final bow at this Season’s First Eviction Show.

The House Swap

The Evictions were not the only shocker the Housemates received; during the HoH Games, where Adekunle emerged as this week’s Head of House, Biggie asked Level 1 and 2 Housemates to switch Houses.

This change was taken well by both Levels.

Level 1’s numerous Task wins

Level 1 Housemates showed that teamwork makes the dream work this week.

They won the HoH Games, The Arla Foodie Pagent, and Hermes won the Quid Games.

Level 2 finally tastes victory

Their road to success was not easy, but Amaka’s win at the Knorr Task gave the team all the confidence they needed.

Level 2 brought their A game and unique looks to Friday’s Wager Task Presentation, and they won.

Trouble on board ships

Bella and Sheggz had their first argument this week.

Sheggz claimed Bella was self-centered and needed to show her feelings more.

The pair ended up settling their issues, but some other hearts experienced heartbreak, too! Allysyn friend zoned Adekunle, and now Groovy and Phyna are getting closer in Beauty’s absence.

The last twenty days in the Level Up House have indeed been eventful, and after tomorrow’s Live Show, we wonder if the dynamics amongst the Housemates will change.