Reaper Lyrics By Corbin

Reaper Lyrics By Corbin

Corbin Reaper Lyrics

Know I’m going backwards
Do you really love my head, or my power? Yeah
No, I definitely don’t like power
Isn’t really what I asked for, oh
My heartbeat faster

Reap on the world like that
Fear I won’t climb out the better end, yeah
You’re my oxy, baby, you are my phetamine, yeah
More I’m ’round you the better
You really make me the best me
Itching at the end like

Nevеr get you out of my head, right? Yeah
Feeling bеtter about dying, wrapped my head
Got my weapon on my bed
Never gonna reap me out like that

Reaper on my head
Yeah, they’re gonna miss me when I’m dead
Warring on my own like that
Not gonna wait for hope like that
Haunt from the world, all I get, yeah, all I get