Razor – Flames of Hatred Lyrics

Flames of Hatred Lyrics By Razor

Distant eyes watching us
For centuries since our birth
Those who are responsible
For putting us on Earth
Watching us evolve into
A dark self-serving race
Less humane, more insane
They want us all erased

Chances come and chances go
But we can’t get it right
The rich take more and leave you less
With no relief in sight
Constant never-ending greed
Becomes the status quo
Impatiently they mobilize
Cause now it’s time to go

Lost, nowhere to run
Death blacks out the sun
Smoke, blinding eyes
Flames of Hatred rise

Coming out of dark skies
With unrelenting force
A pure path of destruction
Roots evil at the source
Destroying races one by one
They don’t discriminate
Total global genocide
For us it’s just too late

No time for a new path
Payback for the lies
Downfall unavoidable
Under blood red skies
Smell of burning bodies
Casualties amass
Forget about a future
It’s death by poison gas

Human race assembles
To make a final stand
Their pleas will go unanswered
No time for weak demands
The world as we once knew it
Will no longer survive
Stamped out for eternity
There’s no one left alive