Rat Tally – Spinning Wheel Lyrics

[Spinning Wheel Lyrics By Rat Tally]

I’m seeing stars
Didn’t look away fast enough
Guess you left your mark
When I lose it I’ll send my regards
It’s like I’m anchored to the round-a-bout
That spinning wheel at the playground
And you get closer with every cycle
Getting off becomes consequential

I wait for the punch
But you keep your mouth shut
I wish you would scream at me
At least then I could say a few things
I was ready on sight
But you brought a ghost to a fist fight
I still fantasize it constantly
I miss New England
The smell of summer in Boston
And living in a vacuum

When getting older was fun
And so were you
I had a plan
But every round I’m dealt a bad hand
I got nothing I’m playing on tilt
And I can’t seem to sit still

I’ll never be done
Cause I can’t keep my mouth shut
I wish you’d just scream at me
Cause honestly I probably
Oh I just want validation
Say I’m just as bad as one of the Mansons
Bet you fantasize it constantly